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Water photography – Taking photos in the water

Water photography – Taking photos in the water

Underwater photography beginners tips

Starting with a gopro

  • Its a low cost way to get shooting from the water, much cheaper than buying a DSLR and waterproof housing.
  • Film 4k at 30fps for good stills

  • Keep lens clear of droplets by licking the lens and holding it underwater until you’re ready to shoot, then once you raise it from the water, keep in mind it will take a couple seconds to run of the lens and then you should have a clear shot.

  • Shoot in lots of sunlight

  • Become a stronger swimming, don’t use a board

  • Get some flippers

Recommended Go Pro Settings

  • 4K Video Mode
  • 30 FPS Wide
  • ISO: 400 (when sunny), 1600 (when cloudy)
  • Colour: Flat
  • WB: Auto
  • Sharpness: Low
  • EV COMP: -0.5

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