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Camera Settings for Surf Photography

Before Selecting your settings, STUDY THE CONDITIONS and the light You should be trying to maximise your composure, by understanding the light and how it will affect your photos. Generally, surf photography requires a lot of light because it requires such high shutter speeds. Consider where the sun is, how the shadow will affect the surfer, and which direction the glare is coming from. Sometimes options are limited and you just have to make do, but for the best results, I find you want to be shooting the surfers from an angle where their shadow is behind them and...

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Editing Surf Photography with Lightroom and Photoshop

Post Editing Theirs a variety of different photo editing software out there, however Adobe have it down pat for convenience sake, because you can really do just about anything you want to do with Lightroom and Photoshop. Though, regardless of what software you are using, for quality images one of the easiest ways to make a photo look better is by cropping them. Cropping One common practice is to use the rule of thirds. While it can be easier to incorporate it when take the picture, taking high speed photos can make it hard to perfectly line up that frame...

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Water photography – Taking photos in the water

Underwater photography beginners tips Starting with a goproIts a low cost way to get shooting from the water, much cheaper than buying a DSLR and waterproof housing.Film 4k at 30fps for good stillsKeep lens clear of droplets by licking the lens and holding it underwater until you’re ready to shoot, then once you raise it from the water, keep in mind it will take a couple seconds to run of the lens and then you should have a clear shot.Shoot in lots of sunlightBecome a stronger swimming, don’t use a boardGet some flippersRecommended Go Pro Settings4K Video Mode30 FPS...

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